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There are very few Traditional Hereford breeders in Scotland at present. If interested, please get in touch with us! We'd love to meet other breed enthusiasts!

Traditional Hereford cattle are recognised as a Category 5 rare breed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. They are descended exclusively from the original population of English Hereford cattle with no imported bloodlines, unlike commercial Herefords. They are the ultimate foragers, capable of producing exceptional beef entirely from grass. Our cattle are totally pasture fed (hay in winter). They are noted for ease of calving and very docile temperaments.

Photo above shows Andrew with (L to R): Kileekie Model 2, Model, Nimbus, Snow Model, Curly, Storm and China Model 2. See our Facebook page:

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What are Traditional (Original Population) Herefords?



Outcross bloodlines come from old MMB AI semen and newer Traditional lines from other breeders in UK. We try to produce a medium sized animal of good conformation and quality, preferring breadth over height, with soundness, good milk production, udder shape and longevity.

We are members of the SRUC Premium Cattle Health Scheme, accredited for BVD, Lepto and negative for Johnes since 2011 and IBR negative in 2022.  (blood tests last carried out in Feb 22).

TB testing exempt  since Feb 2016.

Many of our cattle are DNA tested for Hypotrichosis, Dilutor and Idiopathic Epilepsy - all have been negative so far.

We are members of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and are "Pasture for Life" Certified.

See "Bulls" and "Cows" pages for stock and grass fed / finished beef for sale.

 Breeding policy

In May 2011 we purchased two in-calf cows and three yearling heifers from Mr Paul Carter of Shefford Herefords in Berkshire. They are mainly descended from Llandinabo and Heritage lines. Herefords are famous for their female families. Many of these are now sadly extinct but we are proud to own members of five families - Model, Silver, Julia, Curly and Gaymaid.

Our oldest cow, Shefford Model 9, sadly now deceased, produced our first heifer calf (Kileekie Model) in Sept 11 by 1970s MMB bull, St Mary's Gethin. Our main stock bull, Kileekie Frank, was also born in Sept 11 and is still with us, (sire Llandinabo Iconic x Shefford Silver 1.) We are a closed herd but continue to introduce new bloodlines by AI.

Stock occasionally for sale.